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Guns. Gadgets. And Macguffins!

It makes for an exciting combination in the upcoming untitled WIP codenamed "MacGuffins". As of this writing we have planned 11 weapons and 13 gadgets in the works, with many more coming as we test for feasibility and fun. There are also a variety of collectibles, some functional and some decorative, to keep you moving from A to B and looking for treasures the whole way..

But what good are all these guns and gadgets without anything to use them on? So there will be plenty of lifeforms for you to dispatch, and even more areas to navigate with the assistance of your tools and assorted gadgets.

With elements of Metroidvania, and 2D Minecraft, there are a variety of things to find, so you'll be runnin', gunnin', and diggin' your way to the heart of the planet looking for more treasures!

DISCLAIMER: All graphics and gameplay are super early Alpha. EVERYTHING is subject to change. Especially the plot. Which is pretty floppy right now.

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