Ike Und Noonie Coming Soon(ie?)

Started as a collaboration between Stinky Boorito and Sleepy Gary for the Stop Motion Game Jam, Ike & Noonie was spawned from the creative imaginations of a young boy and his drawings, since he wanted to draw lots of bosses and bad guys. I've made a few elements for the game, but he handled the bulk of the enemies and weapon design, and the cutting out of our paper elements to be scanned digitally.

The whole process has been long, but exciting! I have done some stop motion before, but with clay objects and a video camera. This time, we drew (some of) our objects on construction paper, cut them out and then scanned them in. After that, we arranged the pieces in GIMP, exported the sprite and rearranged the pieces for a new frame. Some of the enemies, though, were just drawn in GIMP by Stinky Boorito and then I created their animation via the same program. I also experimented a little with scanning real world textures from different sources (Noonie the Stegosaurus' green skin is from a 3 ring binder), but using lines drawn by hand and scanned into the computer. I meant to scan a towel for the fluffy white texture of clouds, but I didn't manage to fit it in to the schedule.

Well, with that big push behind us, we have our work cut out for us to create a few more levels and finish this game up, probably as Episode 1. We look forward to delivering an expanded experience with more complete enemy AI, a wider variety of weapons and level geometry, and a 2 Player Local Co-op mode to be implemented in the next build!

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